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The Outline


To keep me on track, as a way to make sure I actually write this thing and so I have a plan and don’t get too lost in the details, I’m writing my outline here. I’ll be updating this as I go along–I’m sure it will change along the way. Right now I’m aiming for this to be a novella, but we’ll see.

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So I could have a basic understanding of Mayan culture and the Mayan calendar, I’ve done a little bit of research:

Cracking the Mayan Code (PBS)

The Mayan Code by Barbara Hand Clow

Maya 2012 Revealed by Jeanine Kitchel

Two plot lines

The story will switch back and forth between the past and the present. The past will be about the Mayan calendar and what it means, and the present will be about how the Mayan calendar affects 2012.

The present (part 1)

The book will begin in the present day, with a woman who wants to discredit the end of the world theory. She’s a journalist, and she thinks people are getting too hysterical and violent because they think the world will end in December 2012, so she decides she will write either an article or a book about the topic. She publishes a few videos explaining her concept on YouTube, so she can start to gain momentum with her discrediting theories. But then someone hacks her account, warning her that if she continues on this path there will be dire consequences. The hackers prove they know where the woman lives, which scares her.

The past (part 1)

A scribe and an astronomer (probably a man and a woman) are working together to make the Mayan calendar. They have figured out that the world works in cycles, and in their studies they have stumbled upon the date December 21, 2012. They begin work on monuments documenting what they’ve found. Unfortunately for them, one of the cycles in time is ending. This particular cycle was a time of peace, and the new cycle will bring a time of war.

The present (part 2)

The woman decides to keep researching for her article/book and goes to Mexico to explore monuments. She brings along her linguistics friend to help her decode. They stumble upon a previously undiscovered message, which is simple and hastily written. It talks of war, but they can’t decipher the whole message. The woman thinks it might tell her more about the hackers who are coming after her.

The past (part 2)

With the new wars comes regular human sacrifices. Many of the scribe’s and astronomer’s friends have either disappeared or been sacrificed. Afraid, the scribe and astronomer go into hiding. Their knowledge is seen as a threat to the new rulers, who want to destroy the calendar to keep the status quo. The less people know, the more the rulers can manipulate them. But the scribe and astronomer must protect what they know. They hope to keep their knowledge safe to help out future generations.

The present (part 3)

The hackers have told the woman they are coming after her. The woman and her linguistics friend find some people who claim to be authoritative figures and ask for their help. But these “good guys” know more than they let on. They know about a prophecy that is supposed to happen on Dec. 21, and they want to ensure it doesn’t happen. They detain the woman and her friend.

The past (part 3)

The scribe and astronomer have figured out all the cycles leading up to 2012. They learn of the prophecy, which will lead to a golden age of peace as long as there is no bloodshed for 24 hours on Dec. 21. But if that doesn’t happen, the world will plunge into another 3,000 years of turmoil and wars. As they hurry to preserve their findings, someone finds their hiding place.

The present (part 4)

The hackers turn out to be a secret group of women who have spent years preparing for the prophecy. They end up saving the journalist and her friend, and they join forces. (Obviously the ending still needs to be worked out.)



So that’s all for now. If you have any suggestions or feedback, would love to hear them in the comments! Thanks for helping me with this experiment!

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Hello! My name is Sabrina, and I like to write and experiment.

From now until December 11, be part of my agile self-publishing experiment by contributing to my Pubslush campaign! (Or at the very least, watch my fun dinosaur puppet video at

I’ll also be posting chunks of my ebook regularly, in hopes that you, dear reader, will give me feedback as I go along. It’s called agile publishing, and I figured if a publishing house can do it, why not an indie author?

My story will revolve around the Mayan Calendar and 2012 (good time to do it, right?) I have a very rough outline that I will be developing and tweaking as I go (with your help, of course.)

So please, subscribe to my blog and help me shape the story as I write it. I want to write something that you will want to read. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Don’t like reading the story in blog form? The 2012 ebook is now on WattpadBookrix, and Book Country!

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