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CHAPTER 15 – December 2012


Cayden had studied the map on the drive to Calakmul. Amara’s grandfather had etched a trail, so he was confident he could find the glyphs. Jorge had generously let them take the rubbings so Cayden could try to translate more of the story and match it up on the map. There were mentions of a secret room near the outside of the ruins of the ancient city, Ox Te- Tuun, now Calakmul.

Amara parked in a small dirt patch near where Cayden thought the secret cave would be. “All right, we’re here.”

Cayden followed the path Amara’s grandfather had drawn, and soon they were at an entrance to a tunnel.

Amara thought she heard a rustle in the brush near her. “What was that?” Read the rest of this entry »

CHAPTER 14 – Around 900 A.D.


Mahaway pounded at the Calendar in frustration. Jasaw had told them they needed to create a Long Count Calendar, a complicated system that had been around for thousands of years. Of course it had taken them longer than a week to finish, and she was getting desperate—especially after learning that Jasaw had already killed most of her fellow scribes for not knowing enough about the Calendar.

Guards were always posted, watching them, and each day Jasaw had come to check on them. But he was an impatient man, and his temper grew short. He had threatened to kill them, but Mahaway had persuaded the king that she, Yochi, and Ichik were all necessary. They were the only ones who knew about the Calendar, she had argued, and without them, he would have no hope of learning Venus’ cycle in time. Eventually he had agreed, and now the Calendar was nearly finished, a large round rock with carvings of the different gods. Read the rest of this entry »

CHAPTER 13 – November 2012


Amara’s cell phone buzzed. At first she thought it was her alarm, so she rolled over in bed and tried to hit the snooze button. But the phone kept persisting. Groggy, Amara sat up and looked at the screen. The number was from Mexico.

She coughed a couple times to clear her throat and answered. “Hello?” Read the rest of this entry »

CHAPTER 12 – Around 900 A.D.


“I found the tunnel right away, so I decided to start exploring while I waited for you two.” Ichik, in his excitement, talked loudly as he led Mahaway and Yochi through the underground maze.

Mahaway said nothing as she followed. Yochi spoke for both of them. “That’s great Ichik. But maybe we should be more quiet? We don’t know who else may be down here.” Read the rest of this entry »

CHAPTER 11 – November 2012


Amara came home and slammed the door shut behind her. She started pacing the living room. Cayden came out of his room to see what was going on.

“Amara, what’s wrong? You look terrible.”

“Thanks Cayden,” Amara yelled. “That’s just what I need—someone to tell me how terrible I look.”

“No, not like that.” Cayden put his arm around Amara and gently helped her sit down. “You always look beautiful, just now you look freaked out.” Read the rest of this entry »

CHAPTER 10 – Around 900 A.D.


“Come on, come on!” Mahaway hurried along down the path towards the secret room. She had woken up at sunrise, impatient to check on Ichik and study the writing on the walls of the secret room.

“Slow down, we don’t want anyone to get suspicious.” Yochi trailed along behind her, looking over his shoulder every few steps to make sure they weren’t being followed. Read the rest of this entry »

CHAPTER 9 – November 2012


“Professor Brown!” Amara barged into his office early Monday morning.

She had called Cayden on Saturday to let him know someone had broken in, assuring him nothing was taken and she was fine. Amara then spent the weekend cleaning up her apartment and inspecting it for clues. To her befuddlement, nothing was missing. Oddly, the burglar appeared to have drunk all the juice in her fridge and left the carton strewn on the ground. But the police had found no fingerprints, so there were no leads. When Cayden had returned Sunday night, they had discussed possible theories, but hadn’t landed on anything promising. Amara was worried, so she had decided to get the Professor’s opinion. Read the rest of this entry »

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